April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and this is my two cents.

Feminists United

Every 8th of March, we celebrate the International Women’s Day and all the social media feeds and lifestyle platforms are full with feminist articles aiming to empower women. To show the world that women are able to fill leadership roles, to found successful startups, to raise awareness through their art, to cause social change as politicians, to talk back and raise their voice when injustice occurs.

These women are remarkable and we need to learn about them. We need to be inspired by women that break the chain of silence. To be empowered from women that have built successful careers…

Engagement, self care and a lot of gratitude will do

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I’ve been juggling a lot lately. Work stress, all types of chores and pending projects that need to get done, a lot of parenting and relationship tending. This is my life right now and I’m quite certain it reminds you of something. There are obviously variations but the struggle in this pandemic situation is pretty consistent among us.

It feels like a balancing act and I can imagine that even for the most privileged, it’s messy and annoying.

I know also that this 2nd round of lockdown is so much harder to endure. A year ago, when the first lockdown…

Reflections on human connection when we talk about social issues or in times of crisis

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Like a conversation I avoid to initiate, this post was on hold for quite some time now. It felt that the bigger the social issues rising in the world, the less adequate the words I could find to talk about things. Getting a bit personal and more vulnerable than usual, I felt that my opinions are small and insignificant.

First the pandemic crisis. Does the world need one more article with do’s and don’ts about working from home? How do I share helpful, positive thoughts about living intentionally without sounding misguidedly optimistic? …

Let’s celebrate parenthood instead!

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Today is mother’s day and I thought of sharing some thoughts besides the usual celebration of this day.

Recently I’ve been reading in an article that women are the ones being more negatively affected by the Covid-19 crisis mainly because they are the ones that have to reduce their working hours or even give up their jobs to take care of the children. But even before these uncertain times, women have been suffering from the huge impact of motherhood in their lives.

Motherhood seems to me like a great gift that comes with plenty of sacrifices.

For starters women even…

Or how to find your ground in times of uncertainty

What extraordinary, unsettling times we are living in!

The past couple of weeks have been pretty crazy for most of us. Facing challenges in every single level. Being frightened for our health, the economy, the social impact of this global pandemic. I know that most of you, just like me, are forced to stay at home, to protect yourselves and the people around you. Let me send you a big virtual hug, which is all we can do these days with our loved ones, and tell you that this too will be over.

This state we are in influences us…

Or how to trust the timing in your life

Did you ever feel that your life is a list full of boxes waiting to be ticked, so that everyone around you is happy?

Did you ever experience a birthday depression because of all the things you were supposed to have accomplished by the time, but somehow weren’t getting even close?

I know I did!

The big drama occurred when I turned 30. I wasn’t taking any action, or talking so much about the ideas of happiness that were only dangling thoughts in my head. But somehow I kinda expected that things would just fall into place. Magically. Because people…

How letting go of your expectations will set you free

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“Expectation is the root of all heartache”

said William Shakespeare and I couldn’t agree more. It seems to me that we experience so much pain from our attachment to our expectations, often more pain that the reality itself causes.

The concept of choosing not to have expectations is something that I have been thinking a lot lately. The last year and a half I have been struggling to balance being a new mother and devoting time to my project The Smart Plan. Almost every night I would wait until my daughter falls asleep to grab my laptop and work on…

How 14 days away from social media gave me peace of mind

While being pregnant back in 2017 I was working on a side project of mine, The Smart Plan. It was something I had been thinking for a while and that was taking shape slowly in my head the last couple of years.

My daughter and The Smart Plan came to the world simultaneously, and it was crystal clear to me that my number one priority was to focus on my new born baby. My baby was my tiny wonder and I was in awe of all the feelings, responsibilities and the new perspective in life that I gained after she…


I get asked a lot why I created The Smart Plan, what was the experience or thought that initiated my project. I don’t usually talk much about my experience, as it feels like bragging, but the truth is that my journey is a living proof that this method works. So I’d like to answer the above questions by telling you a little story, which will also give you some inspiration on how you can turn your life around, if you are up to it!

It’s May, it’s the heart of Spring, the season that nature looks at her best. The…

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

First month of the new year and it feels like a prime time for a reset. Everything around us is giving us the feeling that endless possibilities lie ahead and now is the perfect time to reflect and re-evaluate where we are in life as well as to make big decisions for the future.

I will agree 100% with the importance of reflecting. Reflection is great. It allows us to take notice of everything that happens to us and brings more mindfulness in our lives. Setting goals…

Irini Koutava

Founder of The Smart Plan. Planner + coach in one. Create daily habits that bring you closer to your goals and the life you love! Learn more at thesmartplan.eu

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